What I Believe

"I believe that Kaufman County, Texas is an exceptional place, and I have committed myself to the betterment of this community for the past thirty-five years. The challenges ahead, however, are great. As the fourth-fastest growing county in the state, the choices we make in the coming years will determine whether or not our children inherit a safe, pro-business, pro-family, Kaufman County.

I believe the county should zone-in on the core services that citizens expect like safe roads, top-flight law enforcement, and an efficient court system. After that, it should cultivate a low-tax, low-regulation environment and get out of the way to allow the private sector to expand and create quality jobs here.

I believe that the customer is always right. In the private sector, a customer can take their business elsewhere if they aren’t happy. Unfortunately, taxpayers don’t have the same choice. They can’t go somewhere else to get the services government provides, so it is incumbent on elected leaders to create a culture of excellent customer service.

I believe that we must plan for the coming growth, while at the same time protect our unique quality of life that makes people want to move here in the first place. If you agree, then I would be honored to have your support in the upcoming Republican Primary Runoff Election."

- Hal Richards

With less than one month until the election, please help us spread the “Hal Richards for County Judge” message by placing a sign in your yard or business. Message me with your address and we will get one to you.

What a fun day at the Terrell Heritage Jubilee. While outside we were joined by Walt Davis and his two beautiful granddaughters. Then Gene and Betty Glaeser (2 great Americans) and our neighbor Kitty Roycroft. And, of course, my dear friend, Darth, and Danny Roycroft. We eventually got chased by the weather into the armory where we encountered Terrell City Councilman Grady Spencer and Texas House of Representatives Candidate Keith Bell (in the hat). Our most charming attendee was our dog, Holly.

This week Terrell Mayor DJ Ory and the City of Terrell honored former Mayor Hal Richards for his 9 year successful term as Mayor of Terrell. Mayor Ory thanked Hal for his leadership skills and his ability to bring people together to make good decisions that have led to all the great things happening in Terrell.

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